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Let Bill put in in words for me...

"It doesn't matter anymore, I've killed myself a thousand times..."

".. no, I am a jerk..."

Phil Connors in Groundhog Day.

Well, I couldn't put it in bette words, but that's how I feel... and here is more from
Lost in Translation:

"... You're really having a mid-life crisis...!?"
" - I was afraid of that."

What about Bob?
"baby steps, baby steps..."

I definitely feel lost and alienated... and I amazed to see that in many of his movies Bill is in the same situation... whether he is spending his time in a tree (Get Smart), stuck in time (Groundhog Day), stuck in his mind (What about Bob), on a journey to enlightment (The Razor's Edge, Larger Than Life), a journey where he tries to just find his way (The Man who
knew too little), find his feelings (Broken Flowers), ... trying to find himself (groundhog day, Scroodeg)... he is always Lost (lost in translation; but he is lost in all his movies)... and so am I now... again.

Bill, are you my father? or what?
- My father was Giant. No, my father was a clown (Larger than Life).
Actually Bill is the Clown (Quick Change) and he addresses life with both biterness and humour, being kind but also sarcastic, his personality is charismatic. While Ernest Hemingway and Albert Camus approach the paradox of life writing books, Bill brings it to the screen in his way of acting. He reveals the paradox of how our deepest desire and will to enjoy life is always facing the sad reality of living where our feelings are constantly rebuffed, rebuked,... our feelings are pushed back by the awfull reality of that same life that we wish to enjoy so much. That same opposition which exists between the joy of life and the biterness with all experience when our feelings are rejected is exactly what Bill uses: his humour and charisma against his sarcasms and biterness... and this appears in basically all his movies... he uses humour to bring things into ridicule... on one side he is funy but his jokes are bitter...

Bill Murray, the New Philosophe. And this is how I feel and have felt for many years ...
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